Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Atlantic Ocean and Redemption Beach

Today we made the trip to Lewes Beach in lower Delaware.  Dad wanted to put his foot in the Atlantic and Liz and I wanted to redeem ourselves from taking Mom to that nasty beach at Elk Neck State Park.  Both were accomplished.  It was a bit of a drive but the conversation on the way down and back was stimulating and the time there was fun for all.

We realized of course after we got there that we had not grabbed the right bag with the sun block, but I was able to get some by taking a short walk up the road from the beach.  The kids played in the water and found some more shells.  The water wasn't very deep and the shelf was a good 20 yards out so the kids could romp around in the water and not get knocked over by any really big waves.

Grandpa started digging a hole and then the kids started filling it in their attempt to help.  They would get on the edges and slide down in which put more sand in than they scooped out.  Dad, however, in his infinite patience kept on digging and slowly but surely the hole began to grow as did the excitement of our kids.  I think both Carter and Madelyn were able to bond more with my dad on this visit than any other.  Especially Madelyn, who for obvious reasons hasn't been around my parents as much as Liz's.  I've just really enjoyed their visit and the time they have spent with the kids.  Liz's parents did the same and I'm so grateful that my kids get to know and have a relationship with two sets of Grandparents where I knew only my Dad's parents.

Once the hole was dug we took some fun pictures as you can see.  It was a great day.

On the way home we stopped at a road side fruit stand and Dad was like a kid in a candy store.  The fresh fruit and vegetables made him giddy.  He put this and that into the cart and you could see his eyes getting bigger at the moment and almost salivating and the prospect of sinking his teeth in to any and all of it.

Of course we couldn't pass up an opportunity to get Cream Slushes at Sonic Drive In in Dover.  Mmmmmmm so good.  I think Liz and I need to open a Sonic by our house, like we need one more thing right LOL.  We had a great lunch and enjoyed the food and drinks and actually fed all 6 of us for about $30.  Gas has probably been the biggest expense when family visits, well that and all the extra groceries.  I know that Liz does the best she can to bargain shop and we'd be sunk for sure if it wasn't for her.  If you're still reading these posts sweetheart I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you.

It's just been a great time the last couple weeks with her parents and now my parents visiting.  The kids are having a blast and summer vacation hasn't even started for them yet.

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