Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag Day & A Painted Playhouse

It's Flag Day and we Saluted and followed Carter this morning in pledging allegiance to it this morning as we posted our Flag to pay tribute.  God Bless America!  I'm grateful to my father and the veterans and those actively protecting our country.

Hard to believe that Mom and Dad will be flying out tomorrow night.  I'm sure that there will be things that they are looking forward to returning to back in Wyoming.  I also know they have enjoyed their visit despite the hectic schedule we call life on the east coast.  A lot more driving to get to places than they are used to I'm sure.

True to their commitment they have helped with a number of projects around the house and even today with departure tomorrow they are painting the playhouse.

Liz got a summons for Jury duty next month and Mom is talking about making the trip out to look after the kids while I go to work and she performs this civic duty.  I sure love and appreciate our parents.  We're all grown up and they are still looking out for us and doing all kinds of things to help us where they can.

I'm so glad I know that families can be together forever!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pacific & America The Story of Us

Dad has enjoyed watching "Pacific" (10 episodes) and "The Story of Us" (6 episodes).  The first is made by the same group that did "Band of Brothers" but with the focus on soldiers and events of the Pacific Theater during WWII and the second about America from it's early beginnings and the events and people that have helped make our country what it is today.

I of course watched the "Pacific" one week at a time, recording it because I knew Dad would be here and enjoy it.  I of course watched with mixed emotions because I have family who fought and died during WWII specifically in the Pacific and yet having served a mission in Japan I have a great love for the country and her people.

I was especially moved by the act of compassion that one seemingly hardened soldier showed to a Japanese woman who was about to die.  Instead of ending her misery with a bullet, which she clearly wanted him to do, he held her tenderly which in some way gave her some comfort in her final moments, and probably saved his soul from the Abyss that it was clearly headed for.

Liz and I enjoyed the America program and saved it for Mom and Dad who also enjoyed it.  Very well done.  Educational and inspiring.  It's too bad more uplifting programs like these aren't made.  But with all we have going on we only have time to watch the good stuff any way.

My little princess

I adore my sweet Madelyn!  She is such a gem.  She had her little performance today and although it was short, sweet, and oh so simple, you would have thought she was performing for the New York Theater Ballet Company.

She is so innocent and sweet yet smart and assertive.  I know we'll have our hands full with this her in different ways from our beloved Carter but I know they will both make us very proud.  They do every day!


Mom and Dad have been able to attend church twice in the time they've been here and both weeks have been drama free.  Sacrament Meeting yesterday was especially inspiring.  I have to say that it has certainly been the most uplifting and inspiring meeting we've had as a ward and possibly in the whole time we've been here both as a branch and a ward.  Forgiveness was the topic and the Spirit was so strong.  Ren Thachter, one of the young men who has been working summers for Aaron Ellsworth for the last 6 summers, spoke on repentance and Alma the younger.  Sister Lynette Duncan spoke on forgiving others as she related her own story of hate and forgiveness as she dealt with the emotions she felt towards the young men who murdered her father and sister.  She was very open yet appropriate as she related the path her life took as she faced the trauma it caused and her journey from active young woman to her falling away and her return to the fold and how the hate and ultimate forgiveness all played a part in it.  Brother Wayne Brumbley spoke on forgiving ourselves and how important it is.  It was just a tremendous meeting.