Sunday, April 15, 2012

Historic Stake Conference

On April 14 Liz and I took the kids and a family friend down to Dover, DE for our Stake Conference.  Elder Alan F. Packer of the Seventy was presiding (Son of President Boyd K Packer).  Unlike any Stake Conferences of the past, 37 years worth to be exact, this one in part was to announce the split of our stake.  We are still the Wilmington Delaware Stake but everything below the canal is now the Dover Delaware Stake.  37 years ago then Elder Boyd K. Packer presided over the last split.

Between the Priesthood Leadership meeting and the Saturday Evening Session Liz and I had the pleasure of having dinner with Elder Packer and some of the other Elder’s Quorum Presidents and their wives.

During the evening session Liz played a musical number and I sat with her on the stand.  After introducing the Washington DC Temple President Elder Packer asked that “Brother & Sister Daryl Olson” collect their thoughts so they could speak when the Temple President finished.

I turned to Liz and said, “Did he just say our names?”  She was mortified and speechless so that answered my question.

I shared my testimony of reactivation efforts in our ward (we just celebrated our second anniversary of becoming a ward) and how the Lord blesses us in ways we cannot conceive or anticipate if we are anxiously engaged in good works.

Liz shared her testimony of the primary program and the blessings of the gospel.

Now you’re probably bracing yourself for what many of the members of the congregation were speculating.  Let me be clear I was not called to the New Stake Presidency.  Our current Stake President will remain unchanged.  He called a new first counselor (both previous counselors are in the new stake) and he will retain the 5 high councilmen that still reside in our newly defined stake boundaries.  There are still a great deal of positions to fill in our new stake but despite what many thought was coming I am still the Bay View Elder's Quorum President, and happy to be just that.