Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh Happy Days!

Well Mom and Dad have been here for a couple days now and it's been glorious.  The kids have loved having them as have I.  I know that Liz has been happy as well but unfortunately she's been a little bit under the weather.

Dad and I completed one of the projects that I wanted to get done.  Perhaps it was the most important one on my list so getting it done first was great.  It was simply to build a cover for the pipes and valves and what not for the water holding tank from the Well.  Simple but important so that the kids won't continue to bang it up with toys and climbing around in that closet.  The cover took very little effort and we even used wood I had on hand here at the house. The best part of it was simply getting my Dad's help and his advise and just spending the time together and talking.  I've really missed my Dad.

We also went to Lowes and got the wood for building Flower Boxes for Liz.  Mom had the foresight to have them cut all the pieces to just the right lengths for us right there at Lowes so that probably saved us a few hours of doing it all by hand (since my skill saw is in Wyoming with David)

It's just been nice to listen to Dad and Mom's stories.  Dad talking about American History and Mom talking about Family History.

I found out last night that my mother played basketball for the Luckachukei girls team when she was a teacher on the reservation.  I could tell by her form and all the baskets she made that she had experience.  None of us knew that growing up and seeing mom swishing a few in the driveway must have reminded Dad because he told us.

I'm so happy they are here. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

A long needed project completed!

Dad helped me build a box of sorts to cover the pipes and valves at the base of our water holding tank.  Makes a nice little step for the kids to get at their games and whatnot while protecting things from those same little feet and errant toys.  Doesn't it look great?!  Thanks Dad!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just hours now.....

The days are now down to hours.  Grandma and Grandpa Olson will be leaving for the airport soon and boarding their flight out to visit us.  I guess I'm just especially excited for my Dad to come, for a number of reasons.  To start, I've been missing my Dad and thinking a lot about him and what a great father he is.  I wonder sometimes how he did it, where I struggle with two, he was responsible for 10.  My father is most definitely one of my greatest heroes.  I'm also excited to have him come because he's never been before and I am excited to show him where I work and the life I've made here on the east coast.  I'm excited to show him the sites nearby and just talk.  I'm excited to see mom too but she's been here twice so she's seen a lot of what's here and so a lot of it just won't be as new and exciting.

I really enjoyed the visit we got from Liz's parents over the past week.  Everyone had a really good time and I was especially happy for Elizabeth because I know she's been missing her Dad too.  Only 50 days until we go to Utah/Wyoming though so that trip and the fun associated with it is quickly approaching.  I really appreciate my in laws and how good they are to our children and their endless generosity.  They are very giving and it's clear where Elizabeth learned it from.

We met with a developmentalist for Carter and heard a lot of the same things we've heard before but we've now jumped through one more hoop they asked us to so perhaps we can get the insurance to pay for the testing that so many have recommended.  Psycho educational analysis is the big one I believe.  That and one other will come to about $5000 out of pocket if insurance won't pay but I believe they will, I have to believe it.  Hopefully the power of positive thinking will be sufficient, that and persistence on our part.

After the appointment the kids and I had a great time at the playland at McDonald's and made some new friends that I hope to one day share the gospel with.  Liz and her parents had lunch at Cafe Gelato's which is one of our favorites.  Well the prices may not be a favorite but they aren't too bad, especially at lunch, and the food is excellent.  I was really glad that Liz got to have a nice lunch with her parents and as I mentioned the kids made some really neat new friends.

I'm scheduled to see someone about my Anxiety next week in the early morning hours so I hope that proves beneficial.  I want to be a good husband and father and if addressing this will help me be better then it's about time I do it.   We had a  great lesson on the church's program for recovery and I do know that I am powerless to overcome the challenges of life on my own.  I hope I can attend the program, I would like to go as a couple but we may have to take turns.

We have a lot of fun activities planned for while my parents are here starting off with the annual Gore Picnic.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm I can almost taste all the good food!!