Monday, January 7, 2013

Carter is 12

Seems like yesterday I was calling to tell mom that we had a son.  An Carter's baptism could have been this morning it seems so recent.  Now he's old enough to participate in baptisms for the dead and the temple.  Where or where does the time go.  Carter had his interview with the bishop at church yesterday and he will officially graduate from primary next Sunday and move to the Young Men's Program as well as attend Priesthood meetings with me.  My goodness we got here fast.  I'm hoping that he and I can take a trip to Salt Lake for the April Conference (Priesthood Session in Particular) as it will be his first as a priesthood holder.

He is growing up so quickly.  I mentioned in Testimony Meeting yesterday that although he is small, so was David when compared to Goliath.  And although he is young, so were the stripling warrior of Helaman.  I was always told growing up that I was saved for these latter days and that I must be an elect spirit.  I realize just how much more elect my children must be and at the same time what a tremendous responsibility I have to raise my children in righteousness so as to prepare them for the battles that they will surely face.

I love you Carter Boy.