Saturday, July 5, 2008

Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere

These days I live on the East Coast but it wasn't always this way. All my life I've lived in the west. Born in Idaho, raised in Arizona and Wyoming. Summer work in sunny California, college in Wyoming and Utah. A westerner through and through yet here I am living just a few short miles from the Atlantic Ocean. I call Maryland home now and perhaps with this blog I can document the journey here. I'll try to date things when they happened and not when I'm writing them so the reader will get them in chronological order.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Madelyn's Birthday

What an awesome day for a Birthday. There will always be fireworks on Madelyn's birthday because she shares it with our Country. We got to see some pretty spectacular fireworks tonight. One of the members of our branch put on a display that rivals most county fairs. There was a light rain but it was still very enjoyable. The fireflies/lightning bugs were out in droves in the fields of Pennsylvania so their flickering added to the display in the night sky. Liz is right the fireflies are a magical thing and we love in a very beautiful part of the country.

Miss Madelyn is 3 now and lives up to her Independence day birthday. We went to Jim Halligan's house to swim this afternoon. He is such a great guy. He's our Realtor, friend, and fellow member of our church. We have a standing invitation to come use his pool and with these hot muggy days we'll be taking advantage often.

Madelyn is something else she was ready to jump right into the deep end so I watched her like a hawk. Most of the time we were on the floats drifting about the pool whilst good friend and one time roommate Jason played a variety of pool games.