Saturday, August 6, 2005

The MBA Begins

Today was the first day of Residency week for the kick off of our MBA. After all the preparation and the studying for the GMAT and retaking Accounting and Economics I am officially starting the MBA program.

I'm a little overwhelmed and still excited at the same time. We are at it all day every day this week and once it's done we'll have a few credits behind us and hopefully we'll have made some good friends and contacts.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Madelyn's Arrival

Well she was a month earlier than we expected but what a great 4th of July. If she's at all like her mother she'll be a little firecracker.

Holiday break from work so of course I got to stay at the hospital all day. We came in last night thinking she'd be a July 3rd baby but here she is all 7 lbs of her. She and Carter both weighed exactly 7 lbs. She was a lot easier birth for Liz but of course she has a soft spot.

I was going to cut the umbilical cord but it was wrapped around her through so I let Dr Holmes do his thing and like it was nothing he addressed the situation calmly and quickly and she's doing just fine.

My mother, RaDawn, J'Lene, Ryan, Dawn and Liz's parents have been to see the baby. Trish and Rich took Carter for the night last night so I could be with Liz. It's so good to have family so close. And now there's one more :o)

Friday, May 27, 2005

Painted Cat

Well I came out of my mid-day Economics class to discover Elizabeth had called and left a message. "I don't know where you are or what you're doing but you need to get home this minute!" Of course she is very pregnant with our baby girl and I had no idea what was wrong so I called work and explained that I had an emergency and would not be back to work right away if at all.

I got home to discover what appeared to be blood all over the garage and a sopping wet blood red cat. Fortunately I saw the can of paint almost as quickly so I realized it was only paint and not blood.

I proceeded into the house to see red spattered on many of the walls and when I got upstairs it looked like Alfred Hitchcock had filmed Psycho in our upstairs bathroom. The once white shower curtain was also spattered in blood.

So the course of events that lead to this was as follows.

Liz and Carter started to paint the shelves for his room.
Liz left the can of open paint in the garage.
Liz takes nap and Carter corners the cat.
Carter uses vice like grip to hold down cat while using free hand to paint cat.
Liz discovers traumatized cat and takes cat past the washroom all the way upstairs to bathe.
Cat flails and shakes in bathroom creating murder scene.
Carter comes to bathroom door to apologize.
Cat sees opening and bolts.
Cat realizes he is wet and shakes off wet and watered down red paint as he runs through house.
Liz traps cat in the garage and phones husband.
Husband gets message and races home.
Husband considers dialing 911 but realizes what has happened and get video camera instead.

Gonna send this one to Reader's Digest.