Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The First Day of School 2017-18

Well we have begun a new school year.  Lots of preparations leading up to this day.  School shopping to find all the cutest outfits for Madelyn and durable clothes with room to grow for Carter.  New shoes, Open House events, schedules, planners etc.

Last night I had the cherished opportunity to give each of the kids a blessing.  I remember my father doing the same for me and my siblings as we progressed through our respective academic journey's.  I can clearly remember getting a blessing from my father each year of college as well.  I have gone to my father at other times when changing a job and getting ready from my mission and then marriage.  I remember asking my Uncle Evan to stand as proxy and give my a father's blessing before I started my job at General Motors.

I'm grateful that I have continued this tradition with my children and that they look forward to getting these blessings and the fact that they've learned that the Priesthood is very real and that they can and are truly blessed by it.  It warms my heart when they remind me that we need to have blessings before the first day of school and of course when they feel sick or need other spiritual lifting they have come to me and asked for a blessing.

I know that Satan is aware of the blessings of the Priesthood as well and that he is working overtime on our family.  We have reestablished a habit of Family Home Evening as well as nightly Scripture Reading.  These both help to build up our family so it makes sense that the he would do more to counteract it.  Knowing this helps us to put things into perspective and remind ourselves that when he's working hard we must be doing something right.

On the way to work this morning I was listening to Alma Chapter 7 and like many places in the scriptures reference was made to the Atonement and the infinite sacrifice that it is.  I pondered the fact that he did this for ever person I was passing on the freeway coming and going, for every person I'd ever met or seen regardless of their situation in life.  I reflected by to a time on my mission where I stood on a bridge for a fireworks display and the river bottom what filled with a sea of people in both directions for as far as I could see.  I remember an announcer commenting that there were a half a million people in attendance.  The shear magnitude of that many people is mind boggling and to think our Savior atoned for multiple times that many people.  Truly an infinite sacrifice.

I am grateful for the Priesthood throughout my life and glad that I can carry on the traditions of my forefathers.