Saturday, March 17, 2012

Welcome Home Dad

Bright and early this morning my loving kids came into love on me and let me know how glad they were that I was home.  Now to put this into context I was gone to Orlando, Florida all week for a work conference.

I reminded me of when we first moved to Wyoming in the summer of 1980.  My dad went back to Arizona, for a period of time that I don't remember exactly, to finish a fencing job he was working on.

I remember very vividly that we made him a banner with butcher paper and draped it across the garage door for him to see when he got home.  "Welcome Home Dad"

We did the same thing my kids did by going in to love on him and welcome him home.  He must have been exhausted but he still returned our affections and let us know how glad he was to be home.

Lately Carter has been commenting on the fact that after he's worked or played really hard that he smells like me.  Now the smell of perspiration isn't the best, even if it is mixed with deodorant, but I remember the smell of my Dad too and although it wasn't necessarily a pleasant smell it was a smell that meant safety.  I know my Dad worked hard to provide for us growing up and that he still works very hard today.

I try to emulate my father in the good thing he did and does.  It makes me proud when I see Carter emulating the good things that I do.  I'm so grateful for my father and I want to be just like him.