Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Carter's Room is Painted!

Well it's something we've wanted to do since we moved into the house.  Carter's room was the only one that didn't have a color unique to itself.  There is a pink guest room and Madelyn's room is yellow.  Our room is even light blue but Carter's had nothing. 

It's good to some extent that we've waited because he wrote on his wall a fair amount and put lots of holes in the walls so all of that was patched and painted over.  It's a very appealing green and blue now.  Yes two colors.  Two walls blue and the other two are green.

Of course his red dresser and red shelves were fine in his Orem, Utah bedroom and with no specific color in his room here they worked but now they just didn't match.  Liz wanted me to sand down the dresser to repaint but I remember how difficult it was to sand that particular dresser the first time we did it.  And the shelves with all their nooks and crannies would have been a multi hour undertaking. 

His little bookshelf was on its last leg so I decided to replace that with a bigger one.  The one I got was wider and taller, giving him two additional shelves.  The black oak finish on the bookshelf gave me the epiphany to paint the dresser and shelves black.  Sanding was still an ill advised proposition so I went with spray paint and I have to say they turned out great.  The dresser has been placed back in the room and the other pieces will be returned today once they are dry.  All in all the complete makeover has made the room look very different and fun and fresh for Carter.