Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Still Small Voice

I can't tell you how many times I've had the impression to turn this way or that and I've followed it only to never really know why it was that I had the impression.  I believe that in some of those cases we're being diverted from danger or misfortune and the fact that we followed the prompting prevents us from encountering said problem.  I also believe that there are probably times when it doesn't matter if we turn right or left but our Father in Heaven is teaching us, testing us, preparing us to always be listening so that we are in tune and more readily recognize that still small voice so that when something really important comes along we are ready for it.

Last night I took the missionaries out to teach a couple of lessons.  The first was with a less active family and the second was for a new investigator, a single woman, and the missionaries must have a priesthood holder with them in order to teach in that home.

The first family fed us and we read from Moroni chapter 7 on Charity and discussed it's importance.  The second appointment a few doors down canceled on us at the door.  The Elders not to be deterred suggested we visit some nearby less active members.  I felt impressed to visit someone not quite as close but someone equally important.

Upon arrival at the home we discovered the young man in humbling circumstances and receptive to our visit.  I believe the visit was inspired and something much needed by this young man.  I really do love it when we can see our Heavenly Father at work.  When we can truly be instruments in his hands to bless the lives of those in need.  To bless and be blessed by or brothers and sisters in the family of God.