Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Madelyn's Arrival

Well she was a month earlier than we expected but what a great 4th of July. If she's at all like her mother she'll be a little firecracker.

Holiday break from work so of course I got to stay at the hospital all day. We came in last night thinking she'd be a July 3rd baby but here she is all 7 lbs of her. She and Carter both weighed exactly 7 lbs. She was a lot easier birth for Liz but of course she has a soft spot.

I was going to cut the umbilical cord but it was wrapped around her through so I let Dr Holmes do his thing and like it was nothing he addressed the situation calmly and quickly and she's doing just fine.

My mother, RaDawn, J'Lene, Ryan, Dawn and Liz's parents have been to see the baby. Trish and Rich took Carter for the night last night so I could be with Liz. It's so good to have family so close. And now there's one more :o)