Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pacific & America The Story of Us

Dad has enjoyed watching "Pacific" (10 episodes) and "The Story of Us" (6 episodes).  The first is made by the same group that did "Band of Brothers" but with the focus on soldiers and events of the Pacific Theater during WWII and the second about America from it's early beginnings and the events and people that have helped make our country what it is today.

I of course watched the "Pacific" one week at a time, recording it because I knew Dad would be here and enjoy it.  I of course watched with mixed emotions because I have family who fought and died during WWII specifically in the Pacific and yet having served a mission in Japan I have a great love for the country and her people.

I was especially moved by the act of compassion that one seemingly hardened soldier showed to a Japanese woman who was about to die.  Instead of ending her misery with a bullet, which she clearly wanted him to do, he held her tenderly which in some way gave her some comfort in her final moments, and probably saved his soul from the Abyss that it was clearly headed for.

Liz and I enjoyed the America program and saved it for Mom and Dad who also enjoyed it.  Very well done.  Educational and inspiring.  It's too bad more uplifting programs like these aren't made.  But with all we have going on we only have time to watch the good stuff any way.

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