Thursday, June 10, 2010

Valley Forge

Today was our trip to Valley Forge.  Our GPS "Jane" wasn't the most cooperative but thanks to my wife, who isn't too proud to ask for directions, we got there. 

We saw a little fawn in the parking lot and the park rangers came and returned her to her mother.  Apparently there are quite a few of them around and they are used to reuniting them.  The deer here are certainly much smaller than out west.  Mule Deer in the West vs White Tail here in the east.

We hiked up to the the cabins that were built during the Continental Army's stay in the area then I returned to the visitor center and purchased the Audio/Car Tour CD which we used for the balance of the park.  Of course everyone had hiked further on and I picked up Mom and Madelyn about a mile before the others.  It was fun for Liz and Dad and Carter to get some hiking in.

It was so neat to see some of the places that Washington and other early founders had spent time and no doubt prayed for guidance in what they should do to ensure the birth of the country so many take for granted.  There is so much rich history out here and I hope that we will take advantage of it's relative proximity while we live out here, even if we don't ever move back west.

We scurried to get to the church that was later built because Liz wanted to see the organ that was there.  Unfortunately for us there was a wedding so we weren't able to get in to see it.  Liz did however find a couple of really great old books, one about Mozart and the other The Von Trap Family from the Sound of Music.  I love that she is so well read and that literature is so important to her.

By this time I think we had worn out my parents so we started the trip home only to realize too late that we were leaving during rush hour traffic (slow hour as Dad more appropriately called it)  Jane of course tried to hornswaggle us again but we worked through it and then made a stop in Kennett Square where Dad got some snacks for all to enjoy.

Another fun day rich with history.

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