Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wonder No More

My wife's Blog states that she doesn't know how I'm doing because we're THAT busy.  I know it's been a month since I've posted an entry so I can understand why she doesn't know.  We're so busy that we keep in touch with the wonders of modern technology.  We share our google calendars so we both know where the other is at any given day or time.  We can coordinate trips to AI duPont, dentists visits, early out from school day, cub scouts, dance, her class schedule, my Elder's Quorum Meetings, oh and honey I added our date tomorrow night to the calendar.

Work has been busy busy.  I wrapped up one high profile project just to jump head long into the next one.  I was out of commission for two days last week and fortunately it wasn't my appendix.

Church callings are always calling and I'm getting better at delegating what I can but not everything I should yet :o)

I too am deeply grateful for the amazing doctors and services available to us here on the East Coast.  I don't suppose I miss my family any less that Liz does BUT I've been living away from home since I was 17 and I've lived overseas twice for very extended periods of time.  I don't miss them any less I've just had more experience in coping with it.

I'm blessed to know that I have a loving Heavenly Father who wants me to be happy in the very same way I want my own children to be.  I have a son who is "Little Daryl" as so many of my family affectionately call him, he likes it too.  Little Daryl does so many of the same things I did and sometimes it's hard to admit it.  He is an amazing helper when he wants to be and as stubborn as a mule when he doesn't.  I get to help him avoid the pitfalls I encountered but I also get to see how he overcomes them in ways I couldn't when he chooses to run head on into them.  It is glorious to see myself young again.

I am also blessed with a beautiful little girl who knows no limit to her charity, the pure love of Christ.  She is an example to us all on forgiveness and loving one another unconditionally.  And if you're not getting it right she'll be the first one to tell you so and get after you until you get it right.  She is the sweetest little girl ever and she just wants to know she can always be my cupcake and not worry that I will eat her.

Of course I wouldn't have either without my beautiful wife.  In all of my trials and tribulations she is there to support me.  She lifts me when I am down and she stands beside me to hold me up.  She is an amazing woman full of wisdom and compassion.  I am a better man for being with her.  I have accomplished so much because believing I could and can is fueled with the knowledge that SHE believes in me.

To answer the question of how I'm doing?  Well, I'm doing well.  I am blessed beyond measure.  I am healthy and happy.  Most of all I am grateful for the day I met you and every day since.