Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One of the Great Ones Gone

Newel Leavitt age 94 has returned to live with our Heavenly Father.  Newel was a man who worked on the Forest Service with Dad and as I recall it not only did he think a lot of my father, he took a shine to John and I.  He was a man from time forgotten by many these days.  Born in the early years of the last century he grew up in the true frontier west.  Molded by his surrounding he was one with the land.  Despite the obvious hardships in his life Newel had a very pleasant disposition, quick to smile and make a joke.

Dad suggested to John and I that it might be nice of us to visit Newel while we were both there in Star Valley.  For whatever reasons, the opportunity just didn't present itself and we did not get the visit in.  It stung a little when I got the text this morning informing me of his passing  but I'm sure he would understand the busy schedules of life and although I will not beat myself up with words like regret, I know that had we had the chance to visit him it would have been time well spent and the memory would be lasting.  As it is I will just remember Newel atop his horse, his cheerful smile, an image of One of the Great Ones riding off into the sunset.

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