Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse

Today we will experience a partial (70%) solar eclipse today over the next 3 hours or so.  Last night the kids and I made some viewing boxes similar to what I made in 3rd grade when ironically enough I was living in Arizona (Chino Valley) and fashioned a similar tool out of an oatmeal can.  February 26, 1979 also a Monday.  I remember very clearly making the viewer the week prior then safely watching the phases of the eclipse.  Back then solar glasses were not nearly as readily available and we did what we could with what we had.

Very very cool that my kids can now experience something similar.

My father is on his way up Wyoming Peak even as I write this, of course if I know Dad he probably left plenty early to be in position well before necessary.  I wish I could have made that hike with him.  I made that hike with him from the Old Mill in Dry Creek Canyon and back (50 miles round trip) when I was 11 as part of the 50 miler award for scouting.  Dad just texted me as I am writing to inform me that he is on top.  Talk about being in sync!!!  

Today is also President Monson's 90th birthday and I challenged the kids to do something kind for someone else per his birthday wish.  This past weekend Carter and I participated in Stake Youth Conference and we were able to do a lot of service for several area charities and non profit organizations.  From 9-4:30 then a pool party from 6-8:45, then Sunday evening 6-8 for the wrap up.