Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Heavenly Father Is At The Helm

The winter this year has drug on into a wet and dreary spring.  We've had a few nice days but lots of rain and cold temperatures.  I'm grateful we haven't been affected by all the tornadoes across the country but I'm ready for some nicer weather.

My life has followed a pattern and I see it at work again in my life right now.  When I've worked and persevered like everything depended on me, and prayed like everything depended on our Heavenly Father, things have come together to bless my life and the lives of my family.

It's to early to tell too much but there are some great opportunities before me that will return me to my knees in gratitude as well as supplication for guidance from Father in Heaven.

I measured the kids against the wall last night in the play room and they've both grown about 3 1/2 inches since we last measured in November.  Interestingly enough they've both grown about 11 1/2 inches total in the 7 years they've been here in Maryland.

They are growing so fast and I am so proud of them and their individual accomplishments.  It's true that in order to multiply love you must divide it.

Madelyn plays the piano like an Angel and she will one day be very accomplished I have no doubt.

Carter is wrapping up several more merit badges and could have an Eagle Project within a couple of weeks.

Elizabeth is much happier in her new job but it too is not without it's challenges.  She has made quite an impression and will leave an indelible mark on the county with her introduction of Focus on the Family and bringing in a great program from Utah.

We've been meeting at the Newark chapel while construction on our building in North East is completed.  We expect to be back in by Thanksgiving and no later than Christmas.  What a great present that will be. 

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