Monday, February 7, 2011

A Good Man

I was informed at lunchtime today that a good man that I've know for the past 3 years passed away.  Al Granato passed at about 11:30 PM last night.  I had been to visit him at the hospital on January 31, one week ago today, after finishing a day of Jury Duty.  He was in a an induced coma because most of his organs had failed or were failing.

I was alone and did not feel impressed to give him a Priesthood blessing but rather speak to him for a few minutes and ultimately offer a pray with/for him on his behalf.  I touched his had and expressed to him that he was a good man and was on my way.

On the Sunday evening previous I had gotten a call from his wife Kathy, who incidentally is also now in a coma at another hospital.  She had expressed to me how much she wanted for Al to have a Priesthood blessing and her concern that something might happen to him.  Arrangements were made and a blessing was administered.  She had also expressed concern for Rachel her daughter in the event that something should happen to both of them.  Call it premonition but Rachel is indeed on her own at the moment so we are hopeful for Kathy's recovery now.

Al had just recently started returning to church after years and years of inactivity.  Rachel is quite active now and although Kathy was not attending with the same regularity she too had been coming out after years of inactivity.

Al was anxious to serve his fellow man and to help where he could.  He had been going out with the missionaries when able and had even accepted a Home Teaching assignment to his neighbors in recent months.  I know that his weight and health made it difficult to do much but I know that his heart was in it and I feel like I missed knowing so much more to who he was because of his death.  Al and I are about the same age, in fact I think I'm actually a couple years older than he was which is to say He was a very young man at his passing.

I know that Al and Kathy, although not living all of the gospel principles of late had been to the temple to be sealed.  I know that our Heavenly Father will bless them for the works and I admire Al for his Charity.

I was at his home with the missionaries just a couple of weeks ago where he fed us quite a feast and we spoke of Charity after which we visited Kevin Algood.

Al will be missed.

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