Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gladys Knight

I had a rare opportunity to go and see Gladys Knight and her Saint Unified Voices Choir.  As a member of the church she has used her popularity and fame for the good of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She is a convert and is not afraid to share her testimony of the restored gospel.

I was able to take Bonnie and Lloyd Harmon with me and they both enjoyed it immensely.  Bonnie is an inactive member of 15 years and I was the first contact from the church that she'd had in 5 years.  She is faithfully attending another denomination now and actively involved in their choir.  Lloyd is not a member but has been  receptive to visits from myself and the missionaries.  Neither really show tremendous interest in pursuing activity in the restored Gospel but it's no reason not to keep inviting them and letting them know they are loved.

I'm certain that they felt the spirit that was present at the concert but translating that into a need to embrace the gospel, as restored in it's fullness within our church, is not as obvious.  Still it was a great spiritual experience and one that will like touch many of the lives of those who attended.

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