Monday, January 11, 2010

"Thuoride" & "Sloss"

Some of the things I love most about my kids are the things that only they do and they do best. Madelynisms and Carterisms if you will.

For my children I've made a point to be very vigilant in their oral hygiene. I did not have fluoride in my water when I was young and fluoride treatments or tablets weren't really something folks were conscious of at least not in Rural America where I spent my growing up. My kids got the advantage of fluoride in their water like their mom did. They've also had fluoride tablets like their mom which we've emphasized even more since moving to Maryland and having well water.

Anyway they've had trouble with the Fl sound so it was become a Th which makes Madelyn's request for "Thuoride" completely adorable. Carter likes to "Sloss" so I make sure he has access to the dental floss and thereby avoid the same problems I've had with my teeth over the years.

I'm grateful for modern medicine and science but I'm even more grateful that my kids constantly do things that make me smile.

Here's to your beautiful smiles!

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