Saturday, August 5, 2006

Disneyland 50th Anniversary

50 years ago when Disneyland opened my mother was a little girl and her father helped to build the submarine ride as well as my all time favorite Pirates of the Caribbean. Very fun to go back with Carter & Madelyn this time. They both enjoyed it immensely as did my parents.

Liz and I got to go out one night just the two of us because Mom and Dad could stay in the hotel with them. We got a two room hotel with bunks and a sofa bed in the back room for Liz, the kids, and I. Mom and Dad stayed in the front room.

Mike, Monica, and Emily met us at the Park one day and we stayed at the same hotel. It was a lot of fun to be there at the same time and ride some rides with them.

We went out for Sushi one of the nights we were there and it was just so much fun to spend the time with Mike. He's always been the best cousin and some of my fondest memories growing up were of him and I and the adventures we had.

Our trip started July 31st and we went as far as Vegas and spent the night our return trip will be on August 6th straight through because I have second year residency week for my MBA.

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